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Beta 3 Installation and Usage Details

This version installs project templates to Visual Studio 2008.*

There are seven project templates in this release:
  1. The Stream Driver Template
  2. The Load Stream Driver (in user mode) Template (Loads required registry settings.)
  3. The Unload Stream Driver (in user mode) Template
  4. The Reload Stream Driver (in user mode) Template (Uses existing registry settings.)
  5. The Basic Stream Driver Test Application
  6. The Stream Driver Test Application
  7. The Stream Driver IOCTLs Test Application

Installation Instructions

  • Download the zip file.
  • Unblock the zip file if its file properties show as blocked.
  • Unzip the file to a temporary location
  • Run the batch file to install

(1) Usage (Stream Driver Template)

  • Load your Compact 7 OS project (or create a new one) in VS2008
  • From the VS File menu choose Add-New Project
  • Scroll down to Platform Builder towards the bottom
  • You will see the seven (7) new project templates apart from "OS Design":
  • Choose the Stream Driver Template
  • Set the project name to the name of the stream
    • Ignore the project location
    • This version automatically takes care of the "OSDesign1\OSDeisgn1" issue as discussed in Beta 2
    • All subprojects will be created in separate folders under the stream folder, as per the original wizard. eg:
      • C:\WINCE700\OsDesigns\OSDesign1\OSDesign1\MyStream\MyStream_Driver
  • [(Optional)You may remove the new project from the Solution
  • Right click on the OS's Subprojects folder in Solution Explorer and choose Add Existing Subproject
  • Browse to the location of the new Stream Driver project and select the sources file or the .pbxml file
  • The new Stream Driver is now a subproject of the OS so you can build and test it.
  • Add the subproject's BIB and Registry settings to the OS Project's BIB and Registry settings (At the bottom of OS's entry in Solution Explorer)
  • If you now make the OS after building the new subproject, it will b added to the OS automatically and load on OS startup.
  • Hint:
    • The simplest way is to configure Subprojects such the OS is made(make) (not rebuilt) when all subprojects are rebuilt.
    • Choose VS Build Menu-Targeted Build Settings-"Make Run-Time Image After Building" (Set this)
      • I usually also set "Always Build Debug"
    • Choose VS Build Menu-Build All Subprojects
  • When The OS runs
    • Do a text search of the output for the Stream name or for the Stream Prefix
    • Check the loaded modules for the streams .DLL (Remote Process Viewer)
    • etc.
  • You can similarly add the test apps to test the driver (without needing to include the driver in the OS.
  • Note that if you select Kernel Mode, the driver must be included to load at startup.*

(2) Usage (The Test Applications)

Instead of adding the Driver to the OS image you can use the test applications to load and unload it when the OS is running. You can even modify and rebuild them when its running (Unload the driver first though.)

All subprojects will be created in separate folders under the stream folder, as per the original wizard. eg:
  • C:\WINCE700\OsDesigns\OSDesign1\OSDesign1\MyStream\MyStream_Driver
  • C:\WINCE700\OsDesigns\OSDesign1\OSDesign1\MyStream\MyStream_LoadStreamApp
  • C:\WINCE700\OsDesigns\OSDesign1\OSDesign1\MyStream\MyStream_UnloadStreamApp
  • C:\WINCE700\OsDesigns\OSDesign1\OSDesign1\MyStream\MyStream_ReloadStreamApp
  • C:\WINCE700\OsDesigns\OSDesign1\OSDesign1\MyStream\MyStream_BasicStreamTestApp
  • C:\WINCE700\OsDesigns\OSDesign1\OSDesign1\MyStream\MyStream_StreamTestApp
  • C:\WINCE700\OsDesigns\OSDesign1\OSDesign1\MyStream\MyStream_TestIOCTLsApp
  • Add each of the new CEDriverWiz subprojects as additions to the Solution (as previous). Don't add to OS yet,
    • Set the Project Name just to the Stream Name for each subproject
    • Add the Stream Driver project LAST
    • _You will get an error saying the project already exists otherwise
  • Add just the stream driver project to the OS's Subprojects, build it then remove it from the OS's Subprojects.
    • This is to remove a message you get in the next step that the driver is excluded from the build.
  • Add the projects to the OS as Subprojects:
    • This time when adding the projects to the OS as subprojects, just hoose the dirs. file in the stream folder.
    • This will add all existing subprojects in one action.
  • Build the subprojects.
  • Run the OS
  • Run the apps

Try the following sequence of apps:
  • MyStream_LoadStreamApp
  • MyStream_UnloadStreamApp
  • MyStream_ReloadStreamApp
  • MyStream_BasicStreamTestApp Note: In this version this app defaults to the current stream.
  • MyStream_StreamTestApp
  • MyStream_TestIOCTLsApp
  • MyStream_UnloadStreamApp

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